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Michigan Natural Storage uses a state of the art global fulfillment technology. It is our belief that customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of our business. From yard management to fulfillment collaboration and transportation management, MNS offers a seamless process for quick expedition of product in and out of its facilities.

Freezer Storage


  • 7,276,640 cubic feet of freezer space available

  • Ammonia direct expansion to all freezers

  • Temperatures to -10° F

  • Full alarmed, central station monitored security system

Always Here to Help

The staff and support at Michigan Natural Storage is pleased to assist you with facility location.


MNS has a long-standing history within the region as one of the most cost effective in the industry and is supported by a staff with over 200 years of combined experience in warehousing.


Call us anytime at 616-241-1619.

Cooler Storage


  • 2,118,000 cubic feet of cooler space available

  • Brine direct expansion to all coolers

  • Temperatures from 28° F to 50° F

  • Full alarmed, central station monitored security system

Dry Storage


  • 1,200,000 cubic feet of dry space available

  • Full alarmed, central station monitored security system

Optional Dedicated Services

  • Order picking

  • Load consolidation

  • Accelerated Freezing

  • Reboxing/labeling

  • Cross dock and short hold

  • Pallet transfer

  • X-ray product inspection

  • USDA export identification

  • Product reconditioning

  • EDI Applications

  • Rail

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